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Low Self-Esteem

Many of us throughout our lives will suffer with low self-esteem or a poor sense of self-image. It is a common enough occurrence and some are lucky enough to pull through it and regain that sense of self-worth.


Anxiety is a natural part of our emotional makeup and is the mechanism by which our body prepares for a potentially dangerous situation. It is important to recognise that those “butterflies in the stomach” that we associate with anxiety are a natural reaction, both to positive and negative situations.


Your self-confidence is the value and belief you place in yourself and what you can achieve. As a human resource it is an incredibly powerful tool as it allows us to stretch ourselves, to take risks, to try hard and achieve. 

Do you have an “inner critic”?

Our “inner critic” is the voice in our head that can sabotage all our efforts to make effective change. I came across this post from Andy Puddicombe the founder of Headspace, which has some helpful tips on how to stop giving yourself a hard time. How do you talk to yourself?